A Paddlers' Tribute to Texas Streams

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Saturday April 11, 2015

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"A little Birdie told Me!"

If birding is your passion and you want the ultimate birding experience, come bird in Matagorda County. #1 since 1997 in North American Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

MCBNC has 7 botanical gardens and 3 major eco-systems to enjoy. If gardening, wildlife, or native plants are your passion, MCBNC is a great place for you.
MCBNC offers education programs to groups, including Public Schools, Home-Schooled groups, and Civic or Family groups. Learn more about.....

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2014 Rally on the River

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April 12th 2014

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KAYAKING: The MCBNC's riverfront location make it both an accommodating put-in/take-out point for paddlers of all kinds (kayakers, canoers & rafters) and an ideal setting for introductory kayaking training.

Matagorda County Birding Nature Center
P.O. Box 2212
Bay City, TX 77404-2212