There are a lot of opportunities for teachers to engage their students in nature classwork at our Birding Nature Center.  Some of the classes that have been taught in the past include:

Younger students P-K through 2nd 

Insects and Spiders – (lady bugs, butterflies) learn about, collect and release

Ponds- overview of pond eco-system, frog life cycle, food chain

Gardening- composting and working in the garden

3rd through 8th 

Trees-Plants and Seeds- tree cookies, succession, and propagation of seeds

Birds- local backyard and seasonal migration

Ecology- The human element in the eco-system

Pond- secchi disc, plankton, and pond ecosystem.

Mammals- tracks, scat and food chains

Student Groups

Groups up to 60 students are allowed with at least 2 weeks prior notice.

Self-guided tours:          $ 1.00 per person

Teachers must plan to Supervisor students while at Center.

Those interested in Educational Programs need to make reservations

EMAIL or call 979-245-3336


Bird Watching with Binoculars – A guide for watching birds with binoculars.

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory  – The mission of the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory is the conservation of birds and their habitat in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

Great Texas Coastal Birding TrailThe Trail runs from the Louisiana border clear to Mexico. It stretches over five hundred miles along the coast and comprises more than three hundred separate sites.

Matagorda County Birding – Over 300 birding sites and rookeries in South Texas with detailed maps showing the locations.

Bird Watchers Digest – Publications that cater to the passions and curiosity of every kind of bird watcher – in the backyard and beyond.

Mad Island Bird Count 2015 – Spreadsheet with the results of the count

Mad Island Bird Count 2015 – Document with the highlights and includes photos